Terms of Service

4.25”x 5.5” A2 in clear plastic sleeve, $2.75 per card

Minimum Order Quantity: 6 per Design

Minimum Order: $99 Opening Order, $49 Re-Orders

Returns: Returns accepted for damaged items only. Please notify us within 5 business days after delivery. Replacements will be mailed free of shipping charge.

We ship 5-10 days from order date.
Prices do not include shipping, buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.
All orders will be charged at time of shipment.
All orders will be shipped via USPS or most economical.

Display: If Tribal Message cards are sold online, credit must be given in the product description. Retailers may not sell Tribal Message cards on 3rd party online platforms (i.e., eBay, Etsy, Amazon) without obtaining prior permission from Tribal Message.

Nancy Crivello
303.674.4066 main
720.480.7122 mobile

Orders: Orders@TribalMessage.com

All orders will be sent an electronic invoice prior to shipping with a payment portal.